Regional activities

1st European Road Safety Day
27 April 2007 — Brussels, Belgium

Building Charlemagne, rue de la Loi

It's a day where young people are sharing their experiences, focusing on the subject of young drivers (linked to the 1st Global road safety week) and addressing the issues of alcohol and drugs in traffic through training and education. This does not involve long speeches, but up-to-date information, success stories, testimonials and discussions. There will also be several opportunities for practical experiences, as various associations are invited to present their products and services for road safety for young people.

Asian Mayors' Policy Dialogue for the Promotion of Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) in Cities
23-24 April 2007 — Kyoto, Japan

The Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Forum provides a strategic/knowledge platform for sharing best practices, policy instruments, tools, and technologies among Asian countries, in relation to various aspects of EST. The Forum comprises high-level government representatives and a subsidiary expert group of internationally renowned experts. Participating countries include the members of the Association of South East Asian Nations, Mongolia, People's Republic of China, Republic of Korea and Japan. The Asian Mayors' Policy Dialogue for the Promotion of EST in cities will be attended by approximately 30 mayors from the participating countries of the Forum. The dialogue aims to incorporate city-specific elements under the overall framework of the Forum, and will bring about greater coordination and collaboration among national and local efforts to realize the goal of sustainability in the transport sector in the Asian region. Mayors will present their initiatives in promoting EST at the city level, share best practices and lessons learned, and discuss future steps. As an outcome of the dialogue, a Declaration is expected to be adopted by Mayors towards further promotion of EST through city-level action plans and programmes.

European-wide Operation Speed
23 April 2007 — Various countries across Europe

The TISPOL Organisation (European Traffic Police Network) will conduct a one-week Europe-wide operation targeting speeding which will coincide with the First UN Global Road Safety Week. The operation will take place from 23 to 29 April inclusive. It is anticipated that at least 22 European countries will participate. In addition, the operation will be supported and enhanced by a media strategy which will focus on the problem and consequences of speeding. This media strategy will focus, in particular, on young drivers and the unnecessary loss of young lives on Europe's roads. Press releases will underline that the operation is taking place as part of World Road Safety Week.

Contact: Ian Hamill, TISPOL Organisation
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