The full logo for the First United Nations Global Road Safety Week includes three elements: the United Nations logo, the logo for the Week and a slogan. The United Nations logo is included to demonstrate support for this Week across the United Nations system as requested in UN General Assembly Resolution 60/5 "Improving Global Road Safety" adopted in 2005.

The logo for the Week highlights the systems approach to road safety, taking into account road users (adults and youth), infrastructure and vehicles and the need for all parts of this system to be harmonized. The color green suggests links with the environment. The slogan "Road Safety is No Accident" emphasizes that road safety will not happen accidentally, but by the deliberate efforts of many individuals and many sectors of society – governmental and nongovernmental alike. The full logo for the First United Nations Global Road Safety Week is available to all partners preparing related events and materials, and will be available officially in Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish and Russian in addition to English.

When preparing materials in support of the Week, this logo and slogan can be used, and translated into other languages as needed. Organizers are reminded that both logo and slogan are WHO copyright property, and should be used only to identify events and materials related to the First United Nations Global Road Safety Week.

The logo may not be reproduced for the purpose of self-promotion or for obtaining any commercial or personal financial gain, nor may it be utilized in any manner which implies WHO endorsement of activities or products of a commercial enterprise.

Download the logo