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The Initiative on Genomics & Public Health

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WHO Genomics Research Resource Database

In consultation with external experts, IGPH has compiled a database of resources relevant to genomics and public health. The database provides information sources to help you understand and evaluate the Science & Technology of genomics and its implications for Clinical and Public Health practice, and resources to help you plan and carry out genomics research.

The database is made available for download as a Microsoft Excel file (xls). The first sheet in the workbook contains an overview of the content and guidance for how to use the database. The sections listed below can be found in subsequent sheets of the workbook. The database was last updated on the 16 November 2010.

  • Section 1 : Learning
    • Tutorials
    • Online Learning Material
    • Research Highlights
    • Research Journals
    • Special Reports & Guidance Documents
  • Section 2 : Evaluation of Genomics for Clinical and Public Health Practice
  • Section 3 : UN agencies
  • Section 4 : Associations and Organizations
  • Section 5 : Research Centres
  • Section 6 : Research Resources
    • Population Genomics & Biobanks
    • Research Projects
    • Searching Tools
  • Section 7 : Meetings and Conferences
  • Section 8 : Grants and Funding

WHO Collaborating Centres related to genomics

WHO Collaborating Centres are institutions, which are designated by the Director-General to carry out activities in support of WHO's programmes. There are approximately 800 Collaborating Centres in over 80 WHO Member States. The institutes are generally research institutes, parts of universities or academies, and provide a valuable resources to WHO Member States and WHO.

The Initiative on Genomics & Public Health has identified Collaborating Centres related to genomics. The report can be downloaded here below: WHO CC Genomics Report.pdf. Supplementary Information: Annex 1.pdf, Annex 2.pdf.