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Genomics in WHO

Diagnostics and Laboratory Technology (DLT) - Department of Essential Health Technologies

The goal of the Diagnostics and Laboratory Technology team is to promote and facilitate access to safe, reliable and appropriate diagnostic technologies and laboratory services in an equitable manner.

Genomics activities include:

Prequalification of diagnostics for high burden disease

The WHO prequalification of diagnostics programme aims to increase access to affordable diagnostic technologies of assured quality that are appropriate for use in resource limited settings. The programme provides Member States, UN agencies and other partners with technical information and advice on the quality of currently available HIV/AIDS, malaria and hepatitis B and C test kits and technologies. DLT reviews and accesses most updated molecular/genetic tests (e.g. viral load assays for HIV) on the markets through dossier review, site inspection, and lab evaluation.

Guidance and Training

Many WHO member states do not have specific regulation for diagnostic tools. While WHO covers the gap, it also helps to train specialists for the member states. For instance, people from member states are invited to join the site inspection that DLT conducted to get experience.