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Genomics in WHO

Stop TB Department

Genomic Activities within WHO Stop TB department include:

High quality DOTS (direct observed treatment short course) expansion

TB case diagnosis through quality-assured bacteriology is a key element for DOTS expansion. WHO has assessed a novel molecular line probe assays, which are developed for the purpose of rapid screen of TB patient at risk of multidrug-resistance, and established policy for this technique. The technique uses PCR method to amplify specific gene region of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from clinical specimen, and the products were hybridized to probes for mutation detection.

Global Laboratory Initiative

Unit for laboratory strengthening (TBL) in WHO stop TB department hosts the secretariat and core office of the Global Laboratory Initiative (GLI), a network of international partners focused on accelerated and expanded TB laboratory capacity development aimed at ensuring universal access to quality-assured diagnostic services for all TB patients.

Expand-TB project

Unit for laboratory strengthening (TBL) also works in partnership with UNITAID; FIND (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics) and other donors to expand and accelerate access to new TB diagnostics n 27 target countries.