Research policy

Sixth International Conference on Typhoid Fever and other Salmonelloses

Background and Objectives

Typhoid fever is a global health problem. The real impact of the disease is difficult to assess because the clinical picture is confused with other febrile illnesses and the laboratory diagnosis in developing countries is not standardized. The international community has therefore recognized that the accelerated development and widespread introduction of typhoid vaccines is a high priority. Central to achieving this objective is the strengthening of linkages between researchers and policy- and decision-makers in the public health arena.

The Sixth International Conference on Typhoid Fever and other Salmonelloses will bring together scientists, clinicians, public health professionals, immunization leaders, vaccine industry representatives, policy makers and members of the donor community. The goal will be to provide updates on research and public health agendas related to typhoid fever and other salmonelloses, and progress with vaccines for public health use. Latest research results, trials of new vaccines, and issues of vaccine introduction will be presented.

The target audience will be policy makers, national public health and financial authorities, national immunization program managers, pediatric and infectious disease societies, scientists, researchers, bilateral and multilateral development and financial agencies, and other partners involved in supporting immunization programs.