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Sixth International Conference on Typhoid Fever and other Salmonelloses

Travel and Attractions

Travel-Air Connections

There are convenient connections to Guilin with several flights a day from Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai and 4 flights a week from Bangkok. The organizers will be happy to provide more information (see under Contact)


Guilin is a world famous tourist destination renowned for its beautiful and spectacular natural landscapes. It is said that “the scenery of Guilin is the most beautiful in China”. There are many programs for visitors which may include the following options:

Program 1: Impression Sanjie Liu. The natural landscape theater of the Folk Song Festival of Sanjie Liu is located at the joining point of the Li and Tianjia rivers in the east of Yangshuo county (one hour from Guilin city). The theater consists of an area of 1.6 square kilometer in the Li River waters and the 12 peaks surrounding the river, such as The Scholar Page Hill, Jade Screen Peak and Snow Lion Peak. The design allows the audience to enjoy the performance amidst beautiful natural scenery of the Li river.

Program 2: Boating on two rivers and four lakes.

Program 3: Boating on Li River.

A tour agency desk will set up during the conference to make the necessary arrangements and assist with air travel reconfirmations.