Research policy

World Report on Knowledge for Better Health


  • 1.1 Regional disparities in selected health indicators
  • 1.2 Suggested topics for health systems research and their potential to affect MDGs
  • 1.3 Research priorities in noncommunicable diseases
  • 2.1 Out-of-pocket health payments, catastrophic payments and impoverishment, 59 countries, various years 1991–2000
  • 2.2 Availability of death registration data in WHO regions
  • 2.3 Barriers and challenges to improving service delivery identified in reviews of major initiatives
  • 2.4 Some reasons for neglect of health systems research
  • 2.5 Research priorities in health systems financing
  • 3.1 Summary of the functions and operational components of health research systems
  • 4.1 Conflicting interests of policy-makers and researchers
  • 4.2 Potential barriers to the uptake of evidence by health professionals
  • 5.1 Action plan overview