Research policy

World Report on Knowledge for Better Health


  • 1.1 Under-5 mortality rates by income groups of countries
  • 1.2 Under-5 mortality rates by socioeconomic quintile of the household for selected countries
  • 1.3 Maternal mortality per 100,000 live births
  • 1.4 Health research can save lives
  • 1.5 Actual and preventable under-5 deaths by country profiles for 42 countries with 90% of under-5 deaths, 2000
  • 1.6 Mortality attributable to 20 leading risk factors, 2001
  • 1.7 Linkages between functions and goals of health systems
  • 1.8 Linkages between functions and goals of health research systems
  • 1.9 Linkages between the health, health research and research systems and the broader macro-environment
  • 1.10 Triangle that moves the mountain
  • 1.11 Membership of WHO expert advisory panels by gender, 1996–2002
  • 1.12 Number of authors from regions and countries publishing or co-publishing papers on chronic diseases or their major risk factors, 1990–1993 and 2000–2003
  • 1.13 Articles indexed in PubMed, 1950–1999
  • 1.14 Global Internet access, 2002
  • 1.15 Value and impact of systematic reviews
  • 1.16 Number and proportion of systematic reviews in developed and developing countries
  • 2.1 Relationship between mortality and health workforce
  • 2.2 Health workforce by region
  • 3.1 Proportion of scientific publications addressing health topics from different regions in the world, 2001
  • 3.2 A view of strategic research
  • 3.3 Key stakeholders within Malaysia’s national health research system
  • 3.4 Perspectives on research priority setting processes
  • 3.5a Percentage of researchers by types of science and technology personnel in selected Latin American countries
  • 3.5b Proportion of women within each class of science and technology personnel in selected Latin American countries
  • 3.5c Percentage of researchers by sector of employment in selected Latin American countries compared to the USA
  • 3.5d Percentage of science and technology personnel by field of science in selected Latin American countries
  • 3.6 Collaboration in health research production for WHO Regions, 2001
  • 3.7 Publications in journals addressing health topics by field, 1992–2001
  • 3.8 Analysis of systematic reviews for selected health interventions
  • 3.9 Bona Simanjuntak gives a Wi-Fi demonstration to students in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 4.1 Research to policy and practice pathway
  • 4.2 Experience matters: links between mortality rate and volume of surgical procedures
  • 4.3 Simple solutions: treating diarrhoea in Bangladesh