Research policy

World Report on Knowledge for Better Health

Information Sources

The sources for data and information in the report are given on the World Report on Knowledge for Better Health website at This includes information sources for quotations, the “Interesting numbers” featured at the beginning of each chapter, terms listed in the glossary and a full list of contributors to the report. Sources for tables, figures, and boxes are given under each item.

Background documents

The web site also contains links to additional background documents that provided additional inputs to the Report. The following documents are available:

Related publications

In addition, several related publications will also become available at the time of the official release of the report:

  • WHO Bulletin Special Issue on the theme of Bridging the Know-do Gap in Global Health (October, 2004).
  • Collected series of articles in the Lancet on health research and health systems research.
  • British Medical Journal special issue on Learning from Developing Countries.
  • Strengthening Health Systems: The role and promise of policy and systems research, Geneva, Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, 2004. This is a biennial review of health systems research.
  • The Global Forum Update on Research for Health 2005. Geneva, Global Forum for Health Research, 2004. This publication consists of a collection of short articles from a wide range of people around the world, providing their views on the whole field of health research for development and closing the 10/90 gap.
  • Van Damme W et al. Health systems research and INCO-DEV: Lessons for the future. Preliminary report of Expert Team meeting, Brussels, February 9–13, 2004. (Full report to be published by the end of 2004).