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Bamako Call to Action urges new approach to research for health

17-19 November 2008, Bamako, Mali

The Global Ministerial Forum on Research for Health was hosted by the Government of Mali from 17 -19 November 2008. The event was opened by the President of Mali, His Excellency Amadou Toumani Touré. On the final day delegates from 53 countries launched a Call to Action setting out targets for increasing investments in research for health.

The Call to Action urges governments to allocate at least 2% of budgets of ministries of health to research and development agencies and to earmark at least 5% of funding for research, including support to knowledge translation and evaluation as part of the research process. Governments are also urged to pursue innovative financing mechanisms for research for health.

"The implementation of the Bamako Call to Action starts today" said Dr Maiga Diakiti, research adviser to the Minister of Health in Mali, reflecting the urgent need for immediate action. The Call to Action sets out and highlights a number of crucial priorities and objectives. These include:

  • A need for greater equity in research. The Call to Action urges countries, ministries, agencies and the private sector to join forces to improve the health of the world's poorer nations.
  • A need to make knowledge translation a priority for governments- to link evidence to policy-making.
  • A need to create stronger institutions for research and capacity-building.

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