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Research Ethics Training Course

The pilot for this course is now completed. Please continue to check this page for updates.

Health research is increasingly conducted in developing countries giving rise to numerous ethical issues and challenges prior to, during and post research. This interactive online course is designed to promote a deeper understanding of international health research ethics and strengthen global capacity for ensuring ethical research.

This course is suitable for researchers and their teams, research ethics committees, technical officers, policy makers and others interested in international health research. Priority will be given to those engaged in WHO supported research in some capacity. The course will be enhanced if participants are from a variety of disciplines and bring a range of experiences and knowledge. No expertise in ethics is required but the course will also be suitable for those already engaged in ethical issues.

Module 1


International Health Research Ethics: Complexities and Challenges

22 October - 9 November 2007


Module 2


Promoting Ethical Research and Safeguarding Research Participants: Guidelines and Structures

12 - 30 November 2007


Lessons learned from the two pilot modules will be used in the development of the following additional modules. We anticipate the first of these to be ready in early 2008.

Module 3


Ethical Issues in Informed Consent

Under development

Module 4


Ethical Challenges in Study Design

Under development

Module 5


Ethical Challenges in Social Scientific Health Research

Under development

Module 6


Professional Ethics

Under development

The Research Ethics Training Course is the e-training component of a project titled The Research Ethics Training Project: Developing, Implementing and Evaluating a Training Module on Ethics in Public Health Research. The project is the result of a collaboration between WHO and the University of Geneva. Funding for the development and delivery of the pilot modules has been provided by the Geneva International Academic Network.

About us


The Research Ethics Training Course is a WHO pilot project in partnership with the University of Geneva. Funding for the pilot and companion Casebook on Ethical Issues International Health Research has been provided by the Geneva International Academic Network.

In partnership with:

University of Geneva

Project Partners and Collaborators

Prof AM Capron
U. of Southern California
Dr R Cash
Harvard University
Dr P Chastonay
University of Geneva
Dr A Stuckelberger
University of Geneva
Dr D Warner
HEI, Geneva
Dr D Wikler
Harvard University

Additional Support

Course Facilitators

Module 1
Dr S Bull
Dr A Jesani
Dr M Ramanathan
Dr N Sofaer

Module 2
Dr J Ali
Dr A Hyder
Dr N Kass
Dr P Ndebele

WHO Project Team

Dr A Saxena, RPC/ERC
Ms R Gutnick, RETC
Mr C Jones, RPC
Mr T Lund, IWA
Ms S Pouezevara, KMS

With Thanks to

Mr A Khan, KCS
Ms H Rawe, PML

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