Research policy

Recommended format for a Research Protocol

Part 2


The budget section should contain a detailed item-wise breakdown of the funds requested for, along with a justification for each item.

Other support for the Project

This section should provide information about the funding received or anticipated for this project from other funding organizations.

Collaboration with other scientists or research institutions

Links to other projects

Curriculum Vitae of investigators

The CV of the Principal investigator and each co-investigators should be provided. In general each CV should not be more than one page, unless a complete CV is specifically requested for.

Other research activities of the investigators

The Principal investigator should list all current research projects that he/she is involved in, the source of funding of those projects, the duration of those projects and the percentage of time spent on each.

Financing and Insurance

Financing and insurance if not addressed in a separate agreement, and where relevant should be described.


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