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Ministerial Summit on Health Research

Mexico City, Mexico - November 16-20, 2004

Summit report

The Summit report is available in the section: Documents for download

Mexico Statement on Health Research

The Mexico Statement on Health Research is available in the section: Documents for download

The Summit

The World Health Organization convened, together with the Government of Mexico, a Ministerial Summit on Health Research from November 16-20, 2004 in Mexico City, Mexico

The Summit addressed the vital role of research in the improvement and sustainable development of population health with specific emphasis on how to translate knowledge into action - the 'know-do gap' - to improve health. It provided a platform for dialogue on improving global cooperation on health research and narrowing the disparities in health systems performance between developing and developed countries.

The Summit represented a unique opportunity for WHO to advance a bold vision of research for the institution. In preparation for the Summit, WHO organized numerous consultations with a wide range of stakeholders representing the WHO Regional Offices, civil society, international and governmental agencies, international media and scientific journals, foundations as well as other key decision-makers to define four proposed initiativesaiming to improve country and global capacity to generate, disseminate and use knowledge:

  • Priority research on health systems
  • Better access to knowledge in the developing world
  • Evidence-informed policy-making at the national level
  • Global clinical trials register

Ministers of Health had the opportunity to interact with a diverse set of key stakeholders from major funding organizations of health/medical research, chairs of medical research councils, research institutions, researchers, academia, NGOs, CEOs of pharmaceutical companies and editors of scientific/medical journals.

This Summit was an invitation-only event. There was no call for abstracts.

This event was prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Mexico and in conjunction with Forum 8 of the Global Forum for Health Research.

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