Research policy

Ministerial Summit on Health Research

Post-Summit Activities

A special session has been held at the Ministerial Summit on Health Research to discuss proposed solutions to support health decision-making in low and middle income countries. Over the past year, WHO has held various meetings and developed numerous reports that address the research into policy/practice gap.
In September 2004, a meeting has been held in Kuala Lumpur with senior policy-makers, including Ministers of Health, from over 17 countries. The participants discussed the challenges and opportunities for increasing access to high quality evidence.

At the Ministerial Summit on Health Research, Ministers of Health, representatives from donor organizations, and specialists in the area of evidence-informed decision-making met to discuss possible solutions and next steps to potentially pilot a strategy that would help strengthen the link between health systems and health intervention research and policy and practice. A draft paper on the theory and practical considerations served as the basis of the discussion. The paper has since been revised to incorporate the key discussion points. WHO will use this background information for developing next steps in this most important area.