Global Schistosomiasis Atlas

The Global Atlas on Schistosomiasis was published in 1987 and yet it is still an extremely useful document today. For each country, a brief overview of the situation is presented, both in French and English, which describes

  • the distribution of the infection as derived from epidemiological surveys
  • the climatic and physical conditions in the country, for example, water bodies which make transmission more likely and
  • any human activities, for example, the building of dams or irrigation systems which increase infection rates.

For each country a map is then presented which visually shows the presence or absence of schistosomiasis represented by small or large circles of different colours according to the species type. Each map is accompanied by a table which recapitulates all the data available by administrative region along with the techniques used in the survey, the population characteristics and the references from which the data was extracted.

Global PCT Databank

WHO is setting up a new Global Databank on Schistosomiasis and Soil Transmitted Helminths. It will collect both epidemiological data, which will update the 1987 Global Atlas, and it will also report on a variety of programmatic indicators and ongoing deworming activities.

If you are involved in any kind of deworming work, however small-scale, we would be extremely pleased to hear from you. Please visit the Global PCT Databank page.