School and youth health

Resources and tools for assessment and monitoring

This section provides tools and guidance that can be used to assess and/or monitor factors associated with the development of effective school health programmes, behaviours associated with health among students and school personnel, and policies and practices that influence the health of youth.

Global school-based student health survey (GSHS)

The Global School Based Student Health Survey is a collaborative surveillance project designed to help countries measure and assess the behavioural risk factors and protective factors in 10 key areas among young people aged 13 to 15. The GSHS is a relatively low-cost school-based survey which uses a self-administered questionnaire to obtain data on young people's health behaviour and protective factors related to the leading causes of morbidity and mortality among children and adults worldwide. The survey is repeated over time to allow countries to monitor trends in health behaviour among young people and to plan, develop and implement appropriate policy and programme responses to address their critical health needs.

Rapid Assessment and Action Planning Process (RAAPP)

The Rapid Assessment and Action Planning Process (RAAPP) is a country-driven and evidence-based method. It equips ministries of education and health and other national organizations to assess and improve their capacity to promote health through schools. The RAAPP includes methods, instruments and professional development activities to prepare in-country teams to collect their own data and engage in a customized action planning process. The goal of the RAAPP is to strengthen countries' capacity to support national, provincial, and local school health programs.

Youth Tobacco - Rapid Assessment and Response Guide v.1 (YT-RAR) a WHO field guide

Youth Tobacco - Rapid Assessment and Response Guide (YT-RAR) describes how to assess and respond to tobacco use among young people in order to develop effective tobacco control interventions. The guide is used in conjunction with the WHO Rapid Assessment and Response Guide (TG-RAR). This version of the guide is for field testing.



Shanghai Declaration

The Shanghai Declaration on Health Promotion has been endorsed by the participants of the conference.

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