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Rapid Assessment and Action Planning Process (RAAPP)

Data analysis in Bogor, Indonesia
Data analysis in Bogor, Indonesia

This section of the website describes the Rapid Assessment and Action Planning Process (RAAPP). Here you will find useful RAAPP materials and tools, as well as information regarding the implementation of the RAAPP in different countries.

Similarly to the rest of the site, the RAAPP section is designed primarily for Mega Country representatives of the School Health Component and their staff who are interested in implementing the RAAPP in their country and/or want to obtain more information about the experiences of the RAAPP in other countries. The section is divided into two main subsections. The Purpose of the RAAPP describes the RAAPP, its development, research methods, and benefits to countries. The Country-Specific Case Studies contain information on implementing the RAAPP in specific countries.


Country-specific case studies

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