School and youth health

Why conduct the RAAPP?

RAAPP is a cost-effective, evidence-based method driven by the ministries of health and education of the country in which it is conducted to assess and improve the capacity of school health programs.

The RAAPP provides:

  • A framework to unite key leaders and staff across ministries to improve school health programs
  • An opportunity for a wide range of participants to offer opinions and insights to describe current conditions and capacities of national infrastructure
  • A method for a country to collect and own its own data to improve school health
  • A means to transform the insights and suggestions of stakeholders into a strategic action plan
  • Professional development opportunities for participants to gain skills in: teamwork; interviewing and facilitation; data collection and management; instrument development and adaptation; analysis and advocacy
  • A means for in-country staff to continually apply the RAAPP methods and skills to learn more or update findings

"I feel that the RAAPP activity is very important for all of us. This program is for development of healthy life, beginning with early education, to achieve a healthy Indonesia. I can contribute through RAAPP to the development of my country."

- Indonesian RAAPP participant