School and youth health

Resources and tools for advocacy

This page contains a variety of documents developed by and for WHO to strengthen international, national and local efforts that increase support for school- and youth-focused prevention programmes. They also provide advocates with guidance about specific actions that can be taken to improve such programmes.

WHO Information Series on School Health

Each document in this series provides arguments that can be used to gain support for addressing important health issues in schools. The documents illustrate how selected health issues can serve as entry points in planning, implementing, and evaluating health interventions as part of the development of a Health-Promoting School.

School Health Expert Committee Reports

To encourage educational and health institutions and agencies to coordinate their efforts to promote health through schools, WHO convened an Expert Committee on Comprehensive School Health in September 1995. The overall objective was to make recommendations for policy measures and actions that WHO (including its Regional Offices), and UN agencies, national governments, and nongovernmental organizations could apply to enable schools to use their full potential to improve the health of children and young people, school stuff, family and community members.

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Assessment and monitoring

Global school-based student health survey (GSHS)

More information

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