School and youth health

Expert Committee Reports

To encourage educational and health institutions and agencies to coordinate their efforts to promote health through schools, WHO convened an Expert Committee on Comprehensive School Health in September 1995. The overall objective was to make recommendations for policy measures and actions that WHO (including its Regional Offices), and UN agencies, national governments, and nongovernmental organizations could apply to enable schools to use their full potential to improve the health of children and young people, school stuff, family and community members.

Promoting health through schools: a summary and recommendations of WHO's Expert Committee on Comprehensive School Health Education and Promotion

This document defines health education in the context of a Health-Promoting School and provides the ten recommendations established by the WHO Expert Committee.

Research to improve implementation and effectiveness of school health programmes

This document provides information regarding the kinds of research that can guide practice on school health environments, health education and health services. It discusses other research-relevant information (e.g. indicators) that can be used in planning, implementing and monitoring school health programmes; what is known about the cost-effectiveness of school health programmes; and specific health-problem interventions that can be delivered through schools.

Improving school health programmes: barriers and strategies

This document addresses three general, related and common barriers that impede local, national and international efforts to improve school health programmes. It provides successful examples of specific local, national and international strategies, as well as six general strategies that can be implemented to improve school health programmes.

The status of school health

This document discusses the role of schools regarding health education, and rationales for investing in a comprehensive approach to school health. It discusses major health problems that can be reduced through school health programmes, implementation strategies and components of comprehensive school health programmes.

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