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Fact file on health inequities

Today, there is a 36-year gap in life expectancy between countries. A child born in Malawi can expect to live for 47 years while a child born in Japan could live for as long as 83 years. In Chad, every fifth child dies before they reach the age of 5, while in the WHO European Region, the under-five mortality rate is 13 out of 1000. There is no biological or genetic reason for these alarming differences in health and life opportunity.

Press conference

A press conference was held on 19 October 2011 at the Hotel Sofitel Copacabana with the participation of Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General, and Alexandre Padilha, Minister of Health of Brazil. Michel Temer, Vice President of Brazil, and Antonio Patriota, Minister of Foreign Relations of Brazil, also addressed the media at a later stage.

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We have created a video library to collect all the material that was screened and recorded during the conference, including interviews with participants.

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Three children wash their hands with water from a hose, India.
WHO/Tom Pietrasik

The World Conference on Social Determinants of Health brought together Member States and stakeholders to share experiences on policies and strategies aimed at reducing health inequities. The event provided a global platform for dialogue on how the recommendations of the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health (2008) could be taken forward.

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