Service delivery and safety

Areas of work

Blood transfusion safety

Achieving universal access to safe blood and blood products through self-sufficiency based on voluntary non-remunerated donations, ensuring donor and patient safety and high quality transfusion services…

Transplantation of human cells, tissues and organs

Donating human cells, tissues or organs for transplantation saves and improves millions of lives - needing a transplant is more likely than donating, so every donation counts!

Patient safety

Coordinated efforts to prevent harm to patients during the process of health care itself…

Injection safety

Safe and appropriate use of injections worldwide…

Traditional and complementary medicine

Promoting the safe and effective use of traditional and complementary medicine through regulation and their potential contribution to health, wellness and people-centred health care…

Emergency and essential surgical care

Improving access to life-saving and disability-preventive emergency and essential surgical services towards strengthening health systems and achieving Universal Health Coverage…

WHO global strategy on people-centred and integrated health services

Putting people at the heart of the health-care experience and focusing on a true and lasting integration of services...

Infection prevention and control

Strengthening national and international infection prevention and control capacity and improving practices in order to prevent harm caused by infections to patients as well as health workers…

Quality in universal health coverage

Quality of health care services is critical to achieving effective universal health coverage...

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Service delivery and safety
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