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WHO Global Learning Laboratory for Quality UHC

GLL overview

The WHO Global Learning Laboratory (GLL) for Quality UHC links the experiences, expertise, passion and wisdom of people across the world, representing multiple disciplines, on important issues relating to quality in the context of UHC. The focus is to accelerate global learning informed by local action in the area of quality service delivery.

The GLL for Quality UHC views quality as fundamental to achieving UHC as well as a way of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The GLL acknowledges the need to focus care on the needs and preferences of people. Indeed, without adequate attention to quality, the promise of UHC runs the risk of being an empty one.

The GLL is organized around three areas. First, national quality policy and strategy (NQPS), which enables the consideration of focused policies and strategies to facilitate quality integration across all levels of the health system. Second, some specific technical areas like maternal and child health, palliative care or essential surgery, for example – need to be considered even more carefully in achieving quality UHC. Third is the heart of the GLL, the role of compassion in quality UHC, acknowledging the human spirit that drives quality.

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