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WHO Global Learning Laboratory for Quality UHC

Learning Pods

What is a Learning Pod?

Learning Pods (also known as sub-communities) are groups that actively work to define and complete a task, project, initiative or specific products. Learning Pods operate within a safe environment to protect integrity and trust among members in order to accomplish the shared objectives or agenda. The WHO GLL team support the needs of the Learning Pods to organize meetings, provide knowledge harvesting templates, as well as any connection or information within WHO that may aid the work of the Learning Pod. The Learning Pod is a closed groups; a request needs to be approved before joining.

Activated Learning Pods

National Quality Policies and Strategies

The GLL recognizes that national quality policies and strategies are pivotal in strengthening health systems, making progress towards UHC and achieving the SDGs. As one of the three focus areas of the GLL, the Learning Pod on national quality policies and strategies (NQPS) aims to engage multiple professionals on key issues relating to NQPS. The Learning Pod will: foster knowledge sharing between countries on NQPS to support national action; enhance capacity of participating individuals on key NQPS technical areas; collate and share tools and resources to support NQPS; identify different pathways for developing and implementing NQPS; harvest NQPS “change nuggets” from participating individuals to catalyze action; and ensure effective linkages with specific technical areas.

As part of this pod activation, WHO is conducting a consultation to allow for detailed feedback on the NQPS Handbook for developing national policies and strategies to improve quality of care.

Infection Prevention Control and Water Sanitation and Hygiene

The Learning Pod aims to connect IPC and WASH communities in order to share their experiences and the work being done on quality in the front lines. The IPC and WASH Learning Pod is unique in that it provides a unique opportunity for the two disciplines of IPC and WASH to connect and collaborate across the globe. The interaction of the two areas has potential to be a force for good in support of quality UHC! In addition to sharing experiences, this Learning Pod will give members the opportunity to build technical capacity through an online discussion forum and have access to webinars and a repository of resources. Members will also have the opportunity to expand their networks by meeting and collaborating with other people across the IPC and WASH communities and beyond.