Service delivery and safety

Regional focal points meeting

Service delivery and safety, WHO-HQ, Geneva
22-23 April, 2014

A WHO Regional Focal Points meeting for the department of Service Delivery and Safety will be convened on 22-23 April, 2014 at WHO-HQ. Focal Points for the departments of Health Service Delivery from the African (AFRO), the Americas (AMRO/PAHO), Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO), European (EURO), South East Asian (SEARO) and Western Pacific (WPRO) WHO Regional Offices will participate at the event.

The meeting aims to enhance cooperation alignment and communication between multiple focal points at all WHO levels – global, regional, sub-regional and country. It also aims to develop a coordinated approach to activities in service delivery. The objectives of the meeting are to:

  • discuss service delivery and safety cooperation initiatives and organizational restructuring across ROs and HQs including presentation of HQ’s SDS strategy;
  • agree on cooperation priorities and alignment mechanisms across the three WHO levels (global, regional and country-levels) based on GPW 2014-2019 and biennial plan 2014-15;
  • co-define clear mechanisms of coordination and engagement between the newly formed SDS department and WHO regions, including designation of RFPs;
  • co-develop a joint action plan that will guide cooperation and alignment efforts in the next biennium.