Operating budget and appendices

Operating Budget

The SIDCER Operating Budget (Financial Plan) is designed to meet the costs of achieving the Project's mission (see Appendix III). Financial sustainability is a key goal for SIDCER. Funding development is a central function of the Secretariat. Based on proposals from the Steering Committee, WHO/TDR, the SIDCER Development Officer, and Secretariat will develop stable funding sources in support of the organization and its activities. The SIDCER Operating Budget expresses in dollars the resources required to implement the strategic actions needed to achieve the project outcomes. The Operating Budget includes all aspects of the Project's financial activity and addresses the funding needed to support the Project's objectives. Two separate budget periods (the first two years of operation and the succeeding three years) are displayed in the Operating Budget. Annual financial activity is also displayed. The projected level of funding required over the entire five-year period is estimated at approximately $30 million US dollars. Total expenditure levels vary by year from $5.7 million to $6.4 million dependent upon the key strategic action items that are being implemented.

Start-up costs for the Secretariat are estimated at $126,000 in the first year for setting up offices, workstations, and initiating operational activities. Annual operating costs for the four SIDCER staff and general operational support for the five active regional fora (including support staff) total $1,490,500 per year.

A summary of proposed key strategic action items and their associated costs are displayed in the operating budget. These action items are projected to cost between $4.3 million to $4.9 million per year over the five-year budget period.

Recognizing the potential for conflict of interest from any source of funding, SIDCER is committed to having a diverse funding portfolio across sectors, including public and private donors. The SIDCER Secretariat ensures that sustained fund-raising activities allow the project to maintain financial viability with a focus on the strategic actions.


The following appendices are adjoined to this Strategic Plan: