Snakebite envenoming

Snakebite under spotlight in Oxford

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28 August 2017 | Geneva –– An international symposium, starting on the 29th August, 2017 at Oxford University in the United Kingdom will provide an important opportunity for dialogue between snakebite experts and WHO.

The Venoms 2017 Conference will be largely attended by academia, the NGO community, policy stakeholders and various clinical professionals.

WHO to unveil strategy to improve snakebite prevention and access to treatment

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25 August 2017 | Geneva –– The World Health Organization (WHO) is developing a strategy that aims to greatly improve awareness on the prevention of snakebites as well as ensure that effective treatment is available and accessible in areas where people are more exposed and the provision of rehabilitation facilities for victims of snakebite.

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Call for experts

WHO will establish a Working Group to guide the development of the strategic plan for snakebite envenoming, and will work closely with stakeholders and countries throughout the process from inception through to implementation. A call for expressions of interest in the membership of the Working Group is currently open.

Closing date: 13 October 2017

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