Social determinants of health

PUBLICATIONS - Social Determinants of Health Series

Social Determinants of Health Discussion Paper Series

This is a WHO publication series devoted to the social determinants of health. The series will explore themes related to strategy, governance, tools and capacity building for addressing the social determinants of health to improve health equity. Papers will also include reviews of country experiences. The first set of papers can now be downloaded:

• Action on the Social Determinants of Health: learning from previous experiences

• A Conceptual Framework for Action on the Social Determinants of Health pdf, 4.98Mb

• Monitoring Social Well-being to Support Policies on the Social Determinants of Health: the case of New Zealand's "Social Reports/Te Purongo Oranga Tangata"

• Public Health Agencies and Cash Transfer Programmes: making the case for greater involvement

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Social Determinants of Health Sectoral Briefing Series

The Social Determinants of Health Sectoral Briefing Series has been launched as a follow-up initiative to the Health in All Policies International Meeting, Adelaide, 2010. Research shows that health equity is driven by policies in other sectors as well as complex social, economic and political factors. By providing information on other sectors’ agendas and policy approaches and by illustrating areas for potential collaboration, the Series encourages a more systematic dialogue with other sectors. Rather than concentrating only on public health interventions (e.g. treatment, prevention, protection), the Series suggests areas of mutual interest to motivate joint work. The target audience is public health officers, who are not experts on determinants of health but who are responsible for dealing with a broad range of development and governance issues involving different sectors.

1. Housing: shared interests in health and development

2. Education: shared interests in well-being and development

3. Transport (road transport): shared interests in sustainable outcomes

4. Social protection: shared interests in vulnerability reduction and development

5. Energy: Shared interests in sustainable development and energy services