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7th Commissioners meeting in Geneva

World Health Organization in Geneva, 17-19 January 2007

The Commission on Social Determinants of Health is made of twenty Commissioners who are outstanding innovators in science, public health, policymaking and social change.
Meet the Commissioners

The 7th meeting of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health takes place at WHO Headquarters in Geneva from 17 to 19 January. Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen and former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos are among the leading voices on social inequities who will attend in their role as Commissioners.

The meeting will assess the findings of the interim reports from the global Knowledge Networks established to advise the Commission on policy approaches that effectively address the social, political and economic conditions, contributing to poor health and inequities.

The interim reports cover issues on early child development, globalization, women and gender equity, employment conditions and the exclusion of vulnerable groups from full participation in society. Commissioners will also use the opportunity to learn more about WHO's efforts to integrate equity and the social determinants of health in its work.

More information and documents presented at the meeting will be available soon.

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