Social determinants of health

Country partner profile

Commissioners resolved that Country Partners would:

  • Be self-selecting, in the knowledge that to act successfully on social determinants to reduce health inequities will require political commitment from the highest levels of government and at the highest level of other significant players in the country’s political and health arena.
  • Recognize health as an indispensable component of development and a human right.
  • Have existing and future activities addressing the social determinants of health, and initiate and enhance activities with special attention to those with potential for scaling-up.
  • Become actively engaged in intersectoral cooperation and collaboration in health- related issues, fostering appropriate alliances and partnerships; and demonstrate an interest in putting in place the management and institutional capacities necessary to facilitate comprehensive intersectoral policy processes for health.
  • Perform monitoring and evaluation and be willing to exchange information related to social determinants of health.
  • Facilitate community participation and ownership in all health programmes and activities.
  • Designate the responsibility for the work at least to the ministerial level, which could be the Minister of Health.