Social determinants of health

Knowledge Networks

Final reports and additional documents prepared by the Knowledge Networks

The Knowledge Networks have completed their final reports. In this section, you will find links of the reports submitted to the Commission as well as additional documents prepared by them. Background papers commissioned by the Knowledge Networks to provide evidence and inform their final reports will be posted in this section as soon as they will be received.

How the Knowledge Networks operate

As the Commission begins its final year before publishing its final report in May 2008, the Knowledge Networks it established in different regions have completed their first interim reports. These reports will inform the Commission's interim statement to be published later this year for broader consultation. Sarah Simpson, Coordinator of the Networks, answers frequently asked questions about the process of the Networks. Also in this section, you will find the latest information about the Priority Public Health Conditions Network.

There are nine Knowledge Networks:

Early Child Development

Well established evidence illustrates that opportunities provided to young children are crucial in shaping lifelong health and development status.


The scope is to examine how globalization’s dynamics and processes affect health outcomes: trade liberalization, integration of production of goods.

Health Systems

The focus will be on innovative approaches that effectively incorporate action on social determinants of health. Recommendations will be relevant for countries with tight resources.

Measurement and Evidence

The focus is on leading the development of methodologies and tools for measuring the causes, pathways and health outcomes of policy interventions.

Urban Settings

The focus will be on urbanizations, particularly broad policy interventions related to healthy urbanization, and will closely examine slum upgrading.

Employment Conditions

It will help to develop measures to clarify how different types of jobs, threat of unemployment affect workers’ health.

Social Exclusion

It will examine the relational processes that lead to the exclusion of particular groups of people from engaging fully in community, social life.

Priority Public Health Conditions

It will review factors in the design and implementation of programs that increase access to health care for socially and economically disadvantaged groups.

Women and Gender Equity

It will focus on mechanisms, processes and actions that can be taken to reduce gender-based inequities in health by examining different areas.