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Fact-file on health inequities

Today, there is a 36-year gap in life expectancy between countries. A child born in Malawi can expect to live for 47 years while a child born in Japan could live for as long as 83 years. In Chad, every fifth child dies before they reach the age of five, while in the WHO European Region, the under-five mortality rate is 13 out of every 1,000 live births. There is no biological or genetic reason for these alarming differences in health and life opportunity.

World Conference on Social Determinants of Health videos

We have created a video library to collect all the material that was screened and recorded during the conference, including interviews with participants.

Interviews from the conference

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5 July 2013

Call for focus on social determinants to bolster malaria response: JOINT PRESS RELEASE Roll Back Malaria Partnership and UNDP

Experts from government, academia, civil society, international financing institutions, UN organizations and the private sector were convened in Geneva by Roll Back Malaria and the United Nations Development Programme to assess what contribution they could make in expanding the fight against malaria beyond the health sector. The experts developed an Action Framework, which will be reflected in the discussions on the Sustainable Development Goals, the next Global Malaria Action Plan for 2016-2025 and national malaria strategies.

28 May 2013

Social determinants of health discussed at the 66th World Health Assembly

Given the growing recognition of its importance, action on social determinants of health was again discussed at the recently concluded 66th World Health Assembly (WHA66) held May 20-28, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan reminded Member States that “factors that contribute to good health at low cost include a commitment to equity, effective governance systems, and context-specific programmes that address the wider social and environmental determinants of health.”

6 December 2012

UN General Assembly Resolution (A/67/L.36)

The UN General Assembly approved on 6 December 2012 a land mark Resolution entitled Global Health and Foreign Policy. The resolution calls upon Member States and the UN to urgently and significantly scale up efforts to accelerate the transition towards Universal Health Coverage recognizing it should be based, inter alia, on the capacities for broad public health measures, health protection and addressing the social determinants of health through policies across sectors.

24 May 2012

Sixty-fifth World Health Assembly Side Event

The Rio Political Declaration on Social Determinants of Health produced at the World Conference on Social Determinants of Health in Rio, Brazil, in October 2011, identified five action areas for health to engage in to address the social determinants of health.