Social determinants of health

Cross-country analysis of the institutionalization of health impact assessment

Discussion Paper Series on Social Determinants of Health, no. 8

Jennifer Lee, Nathalie Röbbel, Carlos Dora,


The institutionalization of Health Impact Assessment is a clear indicator of a country’s implementation of a Health in All Policies agenda. A number of countries have developed policy frameworks and governance mechanisms for including health into other sector policies, programmes and projects through the implementation of HIA. However, differences in the political, socioeconomic and institutional settings may lead to substantial variations in the use and institutionalization of HIA. A better understanding of the enabling factors and barriers across countries could contribute to the development of more effective strategies for wider institutionalization and implementation of HIA. Thus, a cross-country analysis was conducted to provide greater insight on HIA practice.

The views presented in this report are those of the authors and do not represent the decisions, policies or views of the World Health Organization.

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