Social determinants of health

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Health equity at the country level: building capacities and momentum for action

Country Work engaged the ‘how-to’ challenges countries face in turning evidence on social determinants of health into policies. This report describes how the Country Work was organized; how countries joined the process and how their efforts progressed; how success in the Country Work is being measured; the major questions and challenges Country Partners have faced; and the learning that has resulted. The concluding sections of the report outline a plan for sustaining the momentum that has been achieved through CSDH Country Partner action.

Moving forward on the health equity agenda at the country level

Health equity through intersectoral action: An analysis of 18 country case studies

This paper, part of a joint multi-phase initiative of PHAC and the Secretariat to the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health, provides an analysis of key learnings from those 18 case studies. The case studies analyzed here represent a broad array of initiatives that ranged from relatively small-scale programs that used a community development approach with a marginalized group in one city, to broad, policy-focused initiatives from national governments. Socio-political, economic and cultural contexts are important in each of the case studies reviewed, creating the landscape within which intersectoral action was initiated and carried out.


Country case studies will be a key component of the knowledge base being assembled to support implementation and as part of phase two of the website development. Currently, country implementation case studies exist from the following two processes: