Social determinants of health

Health in all policies training manual

This manual is a training resource to increase understanding of the importance of Health in All Policies among health and other professionals. The material will form the basis of 2- and 3-day workshops, which will:

  • build capacity to promote, implement and evaluate HiAP;
  • encourage engagement and collaboration across sectors;
  • facilitate the exchange of experiences and lessons learned;
  • promote regional and global collaboration on HiAP; and
  • promote dissemination of skills to develop training courses for trainers.

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Mortality reduction in child under-5 mortality between 1990 and 2010

50% was attributed to non-health sector investments by the Success Factors study

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Reducing inequalities in noncommunicable diseases requires substantial non-health sector investments to

50% of inequalities in major NCDs, especially for cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer, are accounted by social inequalities in risk factors, as reported by The Lancet NCD Action Group Lancet article

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Integrated social and medical services, tailored to disadvantaged families and delivered by nurses in homes, show up to

10-fold reductions in child mortality between treatment and control groups, as well as educational and employment co-benefits

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