Social determinants of health

Publications- intersectoral action and Health in All Policies

Adelaide Statement on Health in All Policies

The Adelaide Statement introduces a strategic approach for governments to take when setting policies – an approach that emphasizes collaboration across government agencies, so that all sectors can reap the benefits of a healthy society.

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These case studies were commissioned by WHO and PHAC and focused on documenting experiences of intersectoral policy processes. In the end, case studies were finalized from 18 countries, illustrating intersectoral actions undertaken to improve health or health equity at different levels of government or between government and civil society.

Synthesis Report from Case Studies: Health equity through intersectoral action

The synthesis report focused key learnings from the case studies. The report was launched electronically through several mailing lists (including WHO Collaborating centers, the EQUIDAD mailing list, and a Canadian network of institutions). The report was also disseminated to all WHO regional and country offices.


WHO support to Marga

In 2007-08, WHO supported the uploading in electronic format of Marga Institute of Sri Lanka documents previously only available in hard copy. The themes addressed by this body of literature echo a number of issues still topical in today's debate surrounding joined up government, intersectoral action, and addressing the social determinants of health equity.


This report provides an overview of approaches to intersectoral action at the global, sub-regional, national, sub-national, and community levels. The work was carried out by PHAC for the Health Systems Knowledge Network, created by WHO to support the Commission on Social Determinants of Health, and the Regional Network for Equity in Health in East and Southern Africa (EQUINET). As a result of this work, a first publication was prepared in 2007. This report presents an initial scoping of the issues related to intersectoral work in the health arena.