Social determinants of health

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Key publications

Social determinants approaches to public health: from concept to practice, a collection of 13 case studies addressing social determinants of health

The thirteen case studies contained in this publication documents the real-life challenges in implementing health programmes using a social determinants approach, including the challenges in scaling up, managing policy changes, managing intersectoral processes, adjusting design and ensuring sustainability.

Equity, Social Determinants and Public Health Programmes, 2010

This book is a collection of analyses of the social determinants of health that impact on 13 health conditions and explores promising interventions to improve health equity.

Monitoring Equity in Access to AIDS Treatment Programmes: A review of concepts, models, methods and indicators

This toolkit, produced by WHO and EQUINET, is a practical resource on how to apply the body of knowledge on health equity to monitoring the performance of AIDS treatment programmes, and offers insights for monitoring equity in other programmes.

Social determinants of sexual and reproductive health: Informing future research and programme implementation

The chapters included in this volume were commissioned to describe the evidence of a relationship between the social determinants of interest and sexual and reproductive health, as well as to describe promising programmes which seek specifically to reduce observed inequities in health and/or address social structures which inhibit access to and use of sexual and reproductive health services.

Priority Public Health Conditions scoping paper, 2007

Paper on social determinants of health and equity, Priority Public Health Conditions Knowledge Network, framework for analysis, process timelines and milestones, proposed products by the Commission.

Priority Public Health Conditions Knowledge Network: guides for phase 1, 2 & 3, 2007

The PPHC KN involved three phases: Phase 1: Analysis of public health conditions; Phase 2: Interventions and Implementation; and, Phase 3: Measurement. Tools were developed to support the public health programmes to do the analysis at each phase. The tools can be downloaded below: