Social determinants of health

Publications - women and gender equity

Key publications

Unequal, unfair, ineffective and inefficient. Gender inequity in health: why it exists and how we can change it - Final report of the Women and Gender Equity Knowledge Network (WGEKN), 2007

The final report of the WGEKN identifies three sets of actions: (A) creating formal agreements, codes and laws to change norms that violate women’s human rights, and then implementing them; (B) adopting multi-level strategies to change norms including supporting women’s organisations; (C) working with boys and men to transform masculinist values and behaviour that harm women’s health and their own.

Gender inequity in health: why it exists and how we can change it, 2008

The Women and Gender Knowledge Network additionally edited a theme issue of the journal Global Public Health with short versions of the commissioned papers mentioned before. They are for open access and can be found here.

Background papers and additional documents

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