Social determinants of health

Technical advisory group on SDH policies and action

Time: 8–9th October, 2007

Place: Millbank, London, United Kingdom

Convened by WHO and the Commission on Social Determinants of Health (CSDH) country work stream with support from the Department of Health, England, United Kingdom.

This meeting was convened at the time when the CSDH had produced an interim statement for consultation. In addition, several of the knowledge networks had already produced reports with recommendations for action on SDH to improve health equity for their specific areas.

This meeting was convened to brainstorm with the CSDH and several policy leads in countries working on SDHE on how to formulate the recommendations in the final report such that they would be relevant and practical for implementation in countries. The next meeting of the CSDH was to take place in Beijing and it was proposed that the results of this meeting would feed into the Commissioner's deliberations on the final report.