Social determinants of health

Work between country partners

The country work process was also important to motivate collaboration between countries to undertake joint activities related to SDH and health equity in the form of technical meetings, information sharing and technical missions. These initiatives strengthened the capabilities of decision makers and improved the impact of the action plans they adopted.

Financing the SDH: October 2006

Country partners collectively analysed common challenges related to the implementation of SDH policies in their countries. For example, a working group was created by Chile, England and Sweden to analyse how to make the political case for financing work on SDH to improve health equity. This group explored opportunities and barriers to making the political case for financing the determinants of health.

Reducing inequities in infant mortality and child health

Work was also undertaken by country partners to jointly discuss specific areas of action where improvements were needed to address inequities. England, Chile and Canada organized a working group to identify current strategies, policies and actions aimed at tackling health inequalities and reducing social disadvantage in infant and child health in under-fives.

As well the group aimed informing evidence to the CSDH and beyond this objective at sharing the most useful lessons from this experience to strengthen international links, provide a forum for exchange of information and good practices and promote future international action.

Collaboration agreements

The governments of Brazil and Chile organized a collaboration agreements to develop a long term program of technical activities to address SDH and equity issues. Both countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2007 that promoted in areas that included SDH, citizen participation and participative management in health, as well as building human resources, education, and capacity. Other areas identified for further joint work were information and communication management, health financing, regulation of health systems and policies on gender and social determinants.

Technical exchange and visits

A delegation from Iran visited Chile in 2007 to exchange experiences with Chilean experts and to design a more comprehensive strategic plan in Iran through which, the country can direct its plans towards equity in health promotion of the whole population using the SDH approach.