Social determinants of health

Photo gallery: employment conditions

The Commission will focus the attention of the world's top experts and researchers on specific social determinants such as urban settings, social exclusion, and employment conditions. These "Knowledge Networks" will push the limits of current information to better define the links between social determinants and health, particularly in developing countries. If you are a photographer and would like to donate photos to help the Commission raise awareness of the Knowledge Network themes, please write us at:

Employment conditions photo gallery. The following images were taken by Italian photographer and anthropologist Edoardo Gianotti, who has documented employment conditions around the world. He is the author of the book "The Sky Above the the Children" on child labour, which was produced in conjunction with the International Labour Organization. Photos are the strict property of E. Gianotti and all requests to use them should be sent to


Panning for gold on the banks of a river.
(c) Edoardo Gianotti, Benin.

Child selling water in plastic bags.
(c) Edoardo Gianotti, Benin.

Children of the blacksmithe caste are distinguished by two scars on the side of the head.
(c) Edoardo Gianotti, Benin.

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  2. Nepal
  3. Peru