Social determinants of health


Manila City, Philippines.
WHO /Anna Kari

The scope of the Globalization Knowledge Network (GKN) was to examine how globalization’s dynamics and processes affect health outcomes. Among the aspects of globalization studied were trade liberalization, integration of production of goods, consumption and lifestyle patterns, household level income. The uneven distribution of globalization’s gains and losses and the impact it has on inequities was analyzed for its aspects to inform policies aimed at mitigating the actual and potential harmful effects of globalization on health.

Organizational hub:

The Institute of Population and Public Health, University of Ottawa, functioned as the hub for the Globalization Knowledge Network. Its task as the hub was to summarize how contemporary globalization is affecting global health equity outcomes. Hub leader: Ron Labonte, Coordinator: Ted Schrecker.

Key documents

Final report of the Globalization Knowledge Network - Towards health-equitable globalisation: rights, regulation and redistribution

Globalization Knowledge Network final report cover image

Globalization affects health and SDH through changes in social stratification, differential exposure or vulnerability, health system characteristics and differential consequences. This report presents the principal pathways linking globalization to health that were examined by the GKN.

Globalization and social determinants of health: Analytic and strategic review paper

This paper offers a working definition of globalization, describes a number of key ‘clusters’ of pathways leading from globalization to changes in SDH ,provides an inventory of potential “interventions,” and provides a list of the specific research synthesis papers that comprised the key elements of the KN’s activities..

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