Social determinants of health

Learning and tools

Training tools

Health in All Policies (HiAP) Training Manual

A training manual for policy makers and other health practitioners has been developed. The first version of the manual is currently under finalization following a pilot conducted with the Regional Office for the Western Pacific and the Government of the Philippines and will be made available here once completed. The manual will be a key resource for training in WHO and for expanding the capacity beyond.

PAHO/WHO self-instructional course on social determinants of health

A self-instructional course on social determinants of health and public policy formulation in English and Spanish has been developed by PAHO/ WHO and is ready for use. A Portuguese version also will be available online soon. The purpose of the Introductory Module is to raise awareness of and provide insight into the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) in order to reduce health inequities, encourage changes in the political agenda and contribute to a better administration of social justice and enforcement of human rights. The module is mainly targeted at WHO/PAHO staff members as well as Health Ministries’ officials in all countries who are engaged in designing action programs, policies and plans for SDH.

Additional Tools

Data and research

Social Determinants of Health Sectoral Briefing Series

The Social Determinants of Health Sectoral Briefing Series has been launched as a follow-up initiative to the Health in All Policies International Meeting, Adelaide, 2010. Research shows that health equity is driven by policies in other sectors as well as complex social, economic and political factors. By providing information on other sectors’ agendas and policy approaches and by illustrating areas for potential collaboration, the Series encourages a more systematic dialogue with other sectors.

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