Management of substance abuse

Meeting with representatives of nongovernmental organizations and professional associations

24-25 April 2006 - Geneva, Switzerland

Scope and Purpose

In the resolution WHA 58.26 on public health problems caused by harmful use of alcohol, the Director-General is, among other things, requested to collaborate with health professionals, nongovernmental organizations and other relevant stakeholders to promote the implementation of effective policies and programs to reduce harmful alcohol consumption. To follow up this request and to initiate an increased level of collaboration with civil society, a meeting with representatives from selected nongovernmental organizations and professional associations will be held in Geneva 24 and 25 April 2006.

The proposed objectives of the meeting are:

  • To brief participants on current WHO activities in relation to the resolution WHA 58.26;
  • To provide an opportunity for dialogue, debate, information sharing and identification of good practice models for interventions by all interested parties;
  • To discuss ways of increasing and coordinating the involvement of civil society and professional organizations in order to limit the health impact of harmful alcohol consumption.