Management of substance abuse

2017 WHO Forum on alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours

Enhancing public health actions through partnerships and collaboration

Date: 26-28/June/2017
Place: WHO headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

Goals of the meeting

The World Health Organization (WHO) Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse organized, for the first time, the global Forum on alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours (FADAB) with a primary goal to enhance public health actions in these areas by strengthening partnerships and collaboration among public health oriented organizations, networks and institutions in the era of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDG 2030).

“The World Health Organization (WHO) Forum on alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours is a new initiative that will strengthen international partnerships and collaboration in order to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time. Harmful use of alcohol as well as drugs and addictive behaviours have devastating effects on individuals, families and their communities and have enormous socioeconomic impacts at national and global levels. We have a shared responsibility to prevent and reduce this burden.”

Dr Oleg Chestnov, Assistant Director-General, Noncommunicable Diseases, and Mental Health, World Health Organization.

The Forum provided an opportunity for a diverse group of stakeholders to build new and develop existing partnerships, networks and collaborative projects as well as discussions on a variety of topics that were organized around three major thematic tracks:

  • Alcohol control and implementation of the Global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol endorsed by the World Health Assembly
  • Public health dimension of the world drug problem with a focus on healthrelated operational recommendations endorsed by the special session of the UN General Assembly on the world drug problem
  • Public health implications of addictive behaviours,

The program of the forum included the following cross-cutting issues:

  • Funding for prevention and treatment of disorders due to substance use and addictive behaviours
  • Monitoring progress in achieving the relevant SDG 2030 targets
  • Disorders due to substance use and addictive behaviours in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11).

The forum was by invitation only.

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