Management of substance abuse

Regional technical consultations with WHO Member States

Resolution WHA61.4
requested the WHO Secretariat to develop a draft global strategy to reduce harmful use of alcohol. Six regional technical consultation meetings, with representatives from 150 WHO Member States, were held between February and May 2009 as part of the process for developing a draft strategy.

The purpose of the meetings was to ensure effective collaboration with Member States in the development of a draft global strategy.
Member States were invited to provide their views on possible areas for global action and coordination, and on how the strategy best can take national needs and priorities into account.

Member States were also encouraged to provide information on ongoing important national and subregional processes which could feed into the strategy development process, as well as examples of best practices with special emphasis on at-risk populations, young people and those affected by the harmful drinking of others. A discussion paper was produced in preparation for the meetings and this can be downloaded on the right hand side of this page.

The six technical consultation took place as follows:

  • South-East Asia: 24-26 February, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Africa: 3-5 March, Brazzaville, Congo.
  • Western Pacific: 24-26 March, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Eastern Mediterranean: 6-9 April, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Europe: 20-23 April, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • The Americas: 6-8 May, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Available reports can be downloaded here:

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