Management of substance abuse

Third Meeting of the Technical Development Group (TDG) for the WHO "Guidelines for Psychosocially Assisted Pharmacotherapy of Opioid Dependence"

17-21 September 2007 - Geneva, Switzerland

Scope and Purpose

This is the third and final meeting of the technical development group (TDG) for the WHO "Guidelines for Psychosocially Assisted Pharmacotherapy of Opioid Dependence", developed in collaboration with UNODC. In the first meeting, the scope of the guidelines and key clinical and programmatic issues were outlined and plans for identifying the relevant evidence to address these issues were prepared. In the second meeting, the relevant evidence was considered and recommendations made on key issues. In this meeting, the same group of clinical and research experts in the field will gather with guideline methodology experts to review the draft guidelines, consider the input from external sources and resolve any outstanding issues so that the guidelines can be finalized shortly after the meeting.

The meeting aims at identifying gaps in the evidence, and setting an agenda for research and systematic reviews in the field. Also, the evaluation, dissemination and implementation of the guidelines are to be discussed.

Background documents