Tuberculosis (TB)

WHO Global Task Force on TB Impact Measurement

Myanmar national TB survey - pre-visit for pilot survey, June 2009
WHO/I. Onozaki

The Task Force was established in June 2006 and includes experts in TB epidemiology, representatives from major technical and financial partners, and representatives from countries with a high burden of TB.


The goal of the Global Task Force on TB Impact Measurement is to:

  • produce a robust, rigorous and widely-endorsed assessment of whether the 2015 targets for reductions in TB incidence, prevalence and mortality are achieved at global level, for each WHO Region and in individual countries

  • regularly report on progress towards these targets in the years leading up to 2015

  • strengthen national capacity in monitoring and evaluation of TB control.


Following the meetings of the Task Force, three major and inter-related areas of work were defined and working groups were established to cover each of these areas.

  • Surveillance
    Use of routine surveillance data to measure incidence, prevalence and mortality with particular emphasis on the certification of surveillance systems

  • Prevalence surveys
    Implementation of prevalence of TB disease surveys in 21 global focus countries

  • Estimates
    Periodic review of methods that are used to translate data from surveillance systems and surveys into estimates of incidence, prevalence and mortality, and the revision of these methods as appropriate.

The importance of this work is reflected in a WHO World Health Assembly resolution passed in 2007 (WHA 60.19), in which WHO is required by its member states to report on whether the 2015 global targets for TB control are achieved, to report on progress in the interim, and to help strengthen health information systems.

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