Tuberculosis (TB)

Empowering communities to end TB with the ENGAGE-TB approach

Portrait of a woman at a TB clinic.

Community engagement is critical to improve the reach and sustainability of TB interventions, helping save lives from this top infectious killer. End TB Strategy includes the engagement of communities and civil society organizations as one its core components and principles. ENGAGE-TB approach aims to better identify and treat people with TB by integrating services into community-based work of previously unengaged nongovernmental and other civil society organizations.

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Key achievements of ENGAGE-TB

8 millionpeople covered with community-led access to TB services in project areas.

ENGAGE-TB brochure
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4 thousandTB patients newly identified and treated in 2013-2014.

Fact sheet
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90%Up to 90% of TB patients provided treatment adherence support in the community.


Key topics

About the ENGAGE-TB approach

The ENGAGE-TB approach seeks to shift the global perspective of TB from only a medical illness to a more comprehensive socioeconomic and community problem. It emphasizes the value of collaboration and partnership between NGOs and other CSOs and the NTPs or equivalents. ENGAGE-TB emphasizes close alignment of systems, especially in TB monitoring and reporting, to ensure that national data adequately capture the contributions of community-based TB activities.

Country experiences

WHO has been supporting 5 countries who were the first to adopt the ENGAGE-TB approach since 2012. These countries are the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. In these countries, service delivery pilots include NGOs who were previously unengaged in TB activities.

Meetings and events

Meetings and events to share information and lessons, review and plan community engagement and the ENGAGE-TB approach.

Civil Society Task Force on TB

Civil Society Task Force on TB is focusing on enhancing the engagement of communities, NGOs and other CSOs in assisting the whole of society approach for the implementation of the End TB Strategy.

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